Sunday, October 9, 2016

The mission of this blog.

This blog will document the development of a site-specific Arts Innovation Lab whose purpose is to re-imagine and re-envision Marietta Ohio in its economic, historic, cultural, and social contexts.  The purpose of the Arts Innovation Lab is to develop projects that use digital media, the creative process and the arts to tell Marietta Ohio's story. We have two on-going projects:  

The first is the Peoples State of the Union which we do annually at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta (FUUSM).  This project is done in conjunction with the United State Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC). 

The second project is also with USDAC although it has taken on a specific local, Marietta Ohio, purpose.  This is Acknowledging Native Lands at the opening of public meetings.  To do this we first have to research who were the tribes or nations present in Ohio and specifically around Marietta that we want to acknowledge. In the Ohio Country this is difficult to determine because there are no acknowledged tribes in Ohio currently.  Historically, after the American Revolution, Marietta as the First Organized Settlement in the Northwest Territory played a significant role in determining how land was allocated and the manner is which States could be added to the original colonies. 

The goal is to try to tell the story from the Native Americans' point of view by reading various transcription of their speeches and other texts written by non-Natives to explain the situation in the western wilds to an audience in the more established eastern states.  Our purpose is to understand this complex issue for our community by using the concept of the “contact zone" in cultural studies.  [update on 6/18/2019]